How it works

First, we'll get your set ready. Then, we'll assist in recording remotely. Finally, we'll handle the editing.

First, we can help with pre-production. AKA: advice to acquiring equipment and one-on-one help to set up the recording set

Let's say you're starting from scratch and don't have anything set up yet. You'll need assistance in acquiring and configuring equipment such as a camera, microphone, audio treatment, and lighting for optimal recording. On average, it takes about 15 hours of assistance to properly place and configure everything. However, this process only needs to be done once, so you can easily sit down and hit record when needed without any extra setup. Depending on the camera equipment you use, it may be convenient to perform pre-production color grading that's installed in the camera. This ensures that all cameras record with the desired look and feel, and match each other right out of the box, eliminating the need for post-production color grading. We're familiar with working with various camera brands such as Sony, Lumix, Fujifilm, Zcam, and Blackmagic, while with microphones, we're familiar with brands such as Rode, Sennheiser, and Audio-Technica. But of course, we can assist in setting up any other brands as well. There are many possibilities available depending on your preferences and schedule. If you have any questions or would like to discuss this topic further, feel free to contact us!
One-on-one assistance

Remote recording assistance

There are various ways to achieve this goal, but one approach we find highly effective is the camera-to-cloud one. This approach enables us to quickly access the recordings for editing once the session concludes. Suppose you are recording a podcast or webinar featuring two members speaking for an hour every Monday at 8:00 am. In that case, we would send you and your colleague a link to join us 15 minutes early, giving us enough time to ensure that everything is functioning correctly and that you have time to prepare. We will remotely monitor the audio, video, lighting, and other technical aspects through software that allows us to do so. We will be present in the background during the recording session, ensuring that all technical issues are resolved, allowing you to focus solely on the conversation without any worries. Throughout the conversation, the footage and audio are automatically backed up in the cloud. This means that once the session is over, we will have everything ready for editing, and you won't have to do anything else.
We'll be
your remote crew

Postproduction: audio, color grading, and editing.

We use Davinci resolve for color grading. Also, we use Resolve's audio solution for audio workflows. As for editing, when it comes to webinars, podcasts, and overall long-format videos, we like using Descript. Hence though which software is used is all up to discussion: we will adapt it to your workflow. For long-format videos, curating the captions, editing, adding chapters, and exporting a long-format video with captions often takes around a couple of hours. So after a podcast is recorded, we could expect it to be live on Youtube and the podcast platforms in around that time. If we start recording at 8:00 and end up at 9:00 am, the video could be live on Youtube at around 10:00 to 11:00 am that same day. Other types of video productions such as shorts, ads, head talks, etc, variates a bit on the approach that is optimal for them depending on each scenario. Please be welcome to reach us to have nerdy talks on these matters!
We'll take care
On post-production

Extracting shorts from the long-format video

We can provide a convenient service for you by extracting one-minute segments from your videos that can be used on different social media platforms in vertical or square formats, as well as for other purposes. On average, it takes us about 4 hours to extract 8 short clips from a 30-minute podcast session. We also export them in both 1:1 and 9:16 formats and organize them in your brand's video library. However, the time it takes may vary depending on the length of the recording.
We'll produce shorts
Out of long-format video

In summary...

Our team will act as your remote crew, providing assistance and expertise to ensure your video and audio productions are of the highest quality and completed efficiently. We will be particularly helpful across four areas of the production cycle. Firstly, we will help ensure your setup is properly configured prior to recording. Secondly, we will remotely assist you during the recording process. Thirdly, we will handle all post-production tasks such as audio, color grading, editing, and captions. Lastly, for longer format videos, we can extract shorter segments to share on your social media networks and help you make even more sense out of your podcasts and webinars. All of that is remote and cost-effective.
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